Here at CF Brandt Jewelers, we know that when you’re looking to buy a watch, you want more than just a portable way to tell time. After all, these days you have your cell phone for that. Whether it’s an appreciation for technical excellence, fine materials, or fabulous style, there are many reasons beyond simple utility for people to appreciate a remarkable timepiece.

CF Brandt Jewelers offers customers a wide selection of name-brand watches alongside our vast jewelry collection. We also have vintage timepieces for those who prefer the styles of decades past. Come to our shop and browse our collection of watches! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find a timepiece that suits your needs, style, and budget.

Some of the brands we carry include:

♦ Movado

♦ Citizen’s

♦ Rolex

♦ Tag Hauer

♦ Bulova

♦ Tiffany

♦ Gucci


Watch Maintenance Services


We offer free estimates for watch repair and maintenance services. This includes watch battery replacement, watch cleaning and servicing, watch crystal replacement, and watch band link removal and sizing.

When your watch stops running, the battery may need to be replaced.  We offer onsite battery replacement on all name brand watches, often while you wait.  As for cleaning and servicing, different types of watches have different requirements. All mechanical watches should have scheduled cleanings and services every five years. It helps to extend the life of a timepiece and keeps it functioning well. How often you must get your watch serviced also depends on when and how you wear your watch. This determines how much wear and tear your timepiece sustains. If you notice your watch’s beat rate has slowed down, or it’s not telling time accurately, it’s time for a cleaning and servicing.

When a watch is clean and fully serviced, it is completely deconstructed, cleaned, and lubricated. Servicing also includes replacement of all the worn or broken parts. If you haven’t had your watch cleaned or serviced within five years, contact us today to ensure the life of your watch.