GIA certified jewelry appraisal
GIA certified jewelry appraisals

Insurance Replacement Value Appraisals


Are you protected if your jewelry is lost, damaged or stolen?

Did you inherit jewelry and don’t know what it’s worth or whether to insure it?

If your jewelry is not appraised and insured, you risk losing thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

A survey conducted by Jewelers Mutual found that 44 percent of married women either don’t insure their engagement ring, or don’t know whether their engagement and wedding rings are insured.    Engagement rings are easily lost, damaged or stolen due to daily wear.  Since the average wedding set costs $5,000 or more, it may be impossible for you to replace your treasured rings should the unthinkable happen.

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and gemstone rings are also at risk.   Stones come loose from their mountings, rings taken off in public can be lost or stolen, chains break, pendants fall off and almost every piece of jewelry can be accidentally thrown away.


Can You Afford to Replace Your Jewelry?


Your valuables may not be safe at home either.   According to the 2012 FBI crime report,  1 in every 36 homes will be burglarized in the United States.  The average loss is $2330 per break in and jewelry is one of the most commonly stolen items.  Even worse, your homeowners insurance may not cover your losses.  A standard homeowners or renters policy may cover your jewelry up to a certain value but it may not be enough to replace of all of your items.  Your policy also may not cover jewelry that is damaged.

To be sure that you are protected, you should first check to see if you have a current and accurate appraisal for your jewelry.  If you don’t you should immediately bring your items us to have them appraised.   Our appraisals are reasonably priced and we offer fast turnaround.

Once your appraisal is complete, we will provide you with a written GIA certified insurance replacement value for your items.  Your insurance company will then use the appraisal to guarantee that you have significant coverage for your valuables.  To learn more,  call us at 301-574-4400 or bring your items to our Upper Marlboro store.