Prong Repair and Retipping

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Prong Repair and Retipping
Prong Repair and Re-tipping

Jewelry Repair – Prongs

Have you lost a stone from a piece of jewelry or noticed the piece of metal holding your stone in place is bent or broken?  Have you been told that your ring or other piece of jewelry needs to be re-tipped?  If so, it means that a repair must be made to one or more of the prongs.

Over time the prongs on even the most expensive jewelry can become worn and damaged due to daily wear.   New jewelry can also be damaged due to striking a hard surface or becoming stuck in a piece of clothing.  A damaged prong can cause the stone it is meant to hold in place to become loose and fall out of the setting.

Repairing a prong is often referred to as re-tipping a prong.  It is a relatively simple repair for an experienced bench jeweler.  The jeweler will remove the stone, cut the prong below the damage point, fabricate a new prong and reset the stone.   The process is not without risks however and damage to stones or other prongs can occur if the work is performed by someone who is unskilled.  In order to protect yourself and your valuables, it is essential that you take your jewelry to someone with the skills and experience necessary to expertly repair your items right the first time.

If you suspect that your prongs are worn or broken, or if you have a stone that has slipped out of place, do not wear that piece of jewelry until it is repaired.  Continuing to wear jewelry with a damaged prong can result in the loss of your diamond or other gemstone.   CF Brandt Jewelers has been providing prong re-tipping and other expert onsite jewelry repair services to residents in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and the surrounding areas for over 20 years.   Our jewelers have decades of experience and we offer competitive pricing and fast turnaround times.  For more information, stop by our store or contact us at 301-574-4400.