Why Should I Have My Jewelry Professionally Cleaned?

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ultrasonic jewelry cleanerWe have previously discussed that it is important to baby your jewelry.  Clean it a lot.

There is a lot you can do at home to clean your jewelry, but it is important to have it cleaned professionally by your trusted jeweler quarterly or at least annually.  Unfortunately, most people don’t do this as there is so much equipment and cleaning materials available online and do-it-yourself videos on YouTube that there is a misconception that professional cleaning isn’t necessary.

This simply isn’t true.  There are a lot of home remedies available for various ailments and some people even make their own home remedies.  Does this mean you never need to see a doctor…maybe have an annual physical?  It may sound like a stretch, as jewelry isn’t a matter of life and death, but the principal is the same.

Here are 4 compelling reasons reasons to have your jewelry annually (or otherwise periodically) cleaned professionally:

  1. A jeweler knows the right cleaning methods for different kinds of jewelry.  It may sound like a bill of goods to the skeptic, but all cleaning methods are not good for all jewelry.  For instance, if you have a necklace with bloodstone beads or a pendant with bloodstone, you don’t want to get it wet.  Its shine in jewelry comes from a special treatment that actually can wear off with water.  Ultrasonic cleaning or other wet cleaning will take the luster away.  Likewise, fully soaking your opal jewelry or exposing it to chemical cleaners could cause permanent damage to the gem.

  2. A jeweler is an expert on what can and, most importantly, can’t be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.  Gemstones like zircon, moonstone, lapis lazuli, turquoise and topaz are sensitive to high heat and temperature changes and could fracture or break in an ultrasonic cleaner.  The aforementioned opal, perhaps the most fragile gem, is sensitive to the heat, liquid and chemicals and would be ruined.  Also, some gemstones are heat-treated to enhance their color and could be irreparably damaged by this method.

  3. A jeweler has higher quality equipment than most people.  Think of your jewelry as a car.  More than likely, you don’t have a hydraulic lift in your garage or backyard, but you may have a nice set of sturdy metal car ramps.  Yes, they’re good, but they still don’t allow you to do everything that may need to be done in car repair and there are places, nooks and crannies that you can’t quite get to, despite the lift.  A professional mechanic, on the other hand, has the hydraulic lift and all the power tools and special pro tools needed for virtually any job.  Yes, you can buy ultrasonic cleaners at a very affordable price these days and there are various chemical cleaners and tools available, but your jeweler most likely has better quality equipment than what you have at home and the high end equipment tends to do a much better and thorough job with more precision.

  4. A jeweler will see potential problems before you will.  Is there a crack in your gemstone?  Is there an early warning sign of a weak post or prong on your ring or crack in a bead on your necklace?  Can the average person see these things?  Well, the average person wouldn’t see these things until damage is extensive and/or a stone falls out.  A professional jeweler knows what he’s looking at and for when cleaning and inspecting items and can detect potential problems much earlier and quicker than most people.  In addition, they can also answer your questions and educate you on what to look for when you’re cleaning and inspecting your own jewelry.

Periodic professional cleaning of your jewelry is not only great for your jewelry, it’s also great for you.  Jewelry is a very personal purchase and finding a local jeweler you can trust is more valuable than the jewelry itself!  When you bring your jewelry in for periodic cleaning, it’s a great way to build your relationship by asking questions and getting to know your jeweler, which will pay dividends in your future jewelry hunts and purchases.

If you have questions about diamonds or other gemstones and jewelry, we are your go-to!  Stop by, call us or send us your question today.