What Does “GIA Certified” Mean?

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Gemalogical Institute of America logoWhen you have a stone or a piece of jewelry appraised, it’s always important that you know that the jeweler appraising the piece has the proper certification to ensure the most accurate appraisal.  Perhaps the best certification comes from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), but what exactly is the GIA and what does that mean to you?

The GIA was founded in 1931 to establish the standards that buyers and sellers of gemstones should use to evaluate and ultimately determine the quality of a gemstone or gemstones.  They provide educational programs, gem identification and grading services and are world-renowned for their expertise and library of gemstone and jewelry information.  To say the least, they set the standard.

The GIA is responsible for establishing the “Four C’s” system (cut, clarity, color and carat weight) as the standard to determine diamond quality as well as its International Diamond Grading System.

Along with these factors, other notable pioneering achievements include:

  • Patenting a triple-aplanatic lens jeweler’s loupe in 1934
  • Patenting the first gemological microscope to better examine clarity and flaws in gemstones in 1937.
  • GIA sets the international benchmark for diamond grading in their first diamond grading reports in 1955.
  • The first GIA Diamond Dictionary was published in 1960, the first international industry reference for diamonds.
  • The GIA determined how to identify diamonds decolorized by HPHT treatment and shared their findings in 1999
  • Only 3 years ago in 2014, DiamondCheck was first introduced, with a better model for establishing the difference between treated/synthetic diamonds and pure natural diamonds.

Through programs offered on its 11 campuses and through E-learning courses online, corporate and trade programs, the GIA offers extensive and meticulous training that covers Advanced Jewelry Professional certification, repair and design as well as courses that include Graduate degrees in gemology, diamonds, colored stones, pearls, jewelry design/technology and Comprehensive CAD/CAM for Jewelry among many others.

The GIA currently operates in 13 countries with 9 labs and 4 research centers and has Carlsbad, California as the home for its headquarters.  It also publishes Gems & Gemology, a quarterly journal with articles and reports on GIA research and news.

Whether you’re buying an estate jewelry piece or other used piece and simply want to know what you’re buying is the real thing or you’re looking to have a custom jewelry piece expertly crafted, GIA certification is a great indicator that you’re dealing with a true professional.  That’s why your jewelry and gemstone appraisals at CF Brandt are GIA certified so you can be sure that you are getting a true educated and accurate appraisal.

Please contact us or call today to set up an appointment for your GIA certified appraisal.