Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:


Jewelry & Watch Sales FAQ’s:


Q – Can you custom design a piece of jewelry for me?

A – Yes. We offer custom and semi custom jewelry design services.  Just bring us your ideas and we’ll work with you to create an amazing one-of-a-kind piece.


Q – My watch needs a new band.  Do you sell them?

A – Yes, we have a large selection of watch bands in stock and can also custom order a specific band for you.


Q – Do you sell children’s jewelry?

A – Yes!  We have a nice selection of children’s earrings, pendants and rings.



Jewelry & Watch Repair/Servicing FAQ’s:


Q – Will you repair my jewelry even if I didn’t purchase it from your store?

A – Yes, we offer repair services to everyone no matter where they purchased their jewelry or watch.


Q – I have a high end watch that I need to have serviced but I don’t live near your store.  Can I send my watch to you to be serviced?

A – Yes, simply contact our store at 301-574-4400 and ask about our mail in watch repair service.


Q – Do you offer lifetime battery replacement for watches?

A – Yes, we offer reasonably priced lifetime battery replacements and one time battery replacements.  Both lifetime and one time replacements can often be done while you wait.


Q – I have a ring that my mom gave me to before she passed away and it is missing some stones.  It’s not very expensive and is gold plated but it means a lot to me.  Will you repair items that are not high end?

A – Yes, we repair gold plated jewelry as well as solid gold, silver and platinum items.   Just bring your ring to our store and our jeweler will  how we can help you restore your cherished item.




Gold & Precious Metal Buying* FAQ’s:


Q – I have unwanted gold rings with small diamonds and gemstones that I want to sell.  Will you give me money for the gold and the stones?

A  – When we purchase gold, the price we will offer is for the gold alone and will not include the value of any diamonds or gemstones.*


Q – Do you purchase silver?

A – Yes, we purchase silver by the ounce (minimum 32 grams).*


Q – I have a lot of broken gold jewelry that I don’t want to repair.  Can I sell it to you as scrap gold?

A – Yes.  As a certified precious metals buyer for the state of Maryland*, we purchase unwanted gold every day.  Just bring your items, along with a photo ID to our store in Upper Marlboro.  We will test your gold to determine the carat weight (10 Kt., 14 Kt.,  18Kt.), weigh your items to determine the gram weight and offer you a price based upon the price per gram.  Should you decide to accept our price, we will fill out the paperwork and pay you cash for your gold.


Layaway & Financing FAQ’s:


Q – Do you offer layaway?

A – Yes!  We offer layaway with 20% down and equal monthly payments for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months depending upon the item.


Q – I want to propose, don’t have the money to pay for the ring in full right now and don’t want to put the ring in layaway.  What can I do?

A – CF Brandt offers special financing through Synchrony Bank.  We offer deferred interest terms and special incentives making it is easy, convenient and affordable to buy your ring now and pay over time.



Other Services FAQ’s:


Q – I have some jewelry that I inherited and want to sell but don’t want to sell it for scrap.  Do you take consignments?

A – We do take consignments and will be happy to speak with you to about how we can help you sell your item(s).  Call us at 301-574-4400 for more information.


Q – Do you purchase estate jewelry?

A – We have purchased estate items in the past.   If you have estate items you are interested in selling, call or stop by our store for more information.








*(DLLR #2559-01)