10 Cool Facts About June’s Other Birthstone, Moonstone!

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We looked at cool facts about pearls last week and this week we have some interesting nuggets of info for you about the 2nd of June’s birthstones…Moonstone!
Moonstone has perhaps more metaphysical properties than any other gemstone, so get ready to learn about those and a lot more.
1)  Contrary to what many believe, moonstone does not come from the moon.  It is an earth stone and a member of the orthoclase group of the feldspar family.
2)  The best moonstones are found in deposits in India and Sri Lanka, though they’re found in deposits all over the world including the United States, Mexico, Australia, Germany and Tanzania.
3)  Moostone gets its name due to an effect called Adularescence, which occurs because (although it belongs to the orthoclase feldspar family) it is actually made up of both orthoclase feldspar and albite feldspar.  The two together produce Adularescence, which is the beautiful effect that makes the stone so prized.
4)  Moonstone is believed to make the person wearing it more accepting of change while also causing the person to be less fearful of change, as well.
5)  Moonstone has become so popular because of its unique look that there are some jewelry designers who are making moonstone engagement rings!
6)  Be careful with your moonstone jewelry!  It is one of the softer gemstones (6 – 6.5 on the Mohs scale) and can break along the layers within the stone.  If you’re going to be active and there’s a chance of bumps and scrapes, it’s best to take your moonstone jewelry off.
7)  The Art Nouveau movement brought increased interest in natural and mystical stones like moonstone, thanks to the leaders of the movement like Rene’ Lalique.
8)  Moonstone is believed to promote calmness, confidence and encourage peace, harmony and balance.
9)  Moonstone is typically cut into cabochons for jewelry or carved into unique shapes such as a moon face.  However, more artists and jewelers are experimenting with faceting to beautiful effect.
10)  While many people believe that moonstone and pearls are either related or identical gemstones, they are not.  They have a different mineral makeup and, of course, pearls come from oysters and mussels.
11)  Bonus fact:  If you see a piece of jewelry labelled as “water opal,” it isn’t opal at all.  It is rainbow moonstone like what you see in the picture here.
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